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Dear colleagues and friends, Shalom!


Behold, a dynamic and diverse generation in the tourism operations in Israel. Active in the field of the visitor’s attention for more than three decades, guiding routes of ancient lands, providing tools to discover new paths, up to date points of view, assisting the visitor to discover his own spiritual self, while in Israel, the ancient Land of the Bible, today’s Ultra-Modern State of Israel.


Our concept is to create new itineraries providing the visitor with more than a mere journey but, rather, a unique experience while embracing their beliefs and spiritual longings, as we are deeply familiar with the hidden secrets of our ancient, though young, and thriving nation.


Our intention is to reach your heart and mind offering services that go beyond the conventional, considering the differentiated characteristic, peculiar needs and personal attention of each individual human being under our care.


Our realization goes way beyond the “regular and expected”, suggesting targeted – Tailor Made – itineraries, adapted to the various visitors requirements, from the young student, via the pilgrim seeking spiritual rebirth, to the visitors requiring special need, seminars, incentives, health, cycling, and the classic cultural tourism itineraries.


Our fulfilment is to create a long-term collaboration realizing we, at all times, are scrutinized and examined in front of the given competition.



Sincerely yours,


Eli Kedmi


Keli Tours Ltd.

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